Super Soups to Beat the Heat

Super Soups to Beat the HeatWhen we hear the words cold soup we think first of gazpacho soup. Yet there is a whole world of chilled soups beyond gazpacho. Cold or hot, you can’t ever get bored with soup.

There is so much room for creativity and since they are so versatile they can be served as starters, main courses and even desserts to highlight any menu.

As starters, they prepare your digestive system for the main course or rest of the meal, working as an apéritif. And as a dessert, they work as a digestif. During the hot days of summertime, a cup of refreshing cold soup not only hydrates you, but nourishes and fuels your system. Yes, I love soup, both cold and hot. Sometimes it is all I feel like eating. There is something so replenishing and comforting about them no matter the season.

  Super Soups to Beat the Heat-Vichyssoise

Classic (and Lighter) Vichyssoise

Super Soups to Beat the Heat-Red Raspberry Rhubarb

Red Raspberry and Rhubarb Soup

Super Soups to Beat the Heat-Mango Avocado

 Mango Avocado Soup with Chipotle and Coconut

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